About Us

Imagine: A world where children with cancer grow up and live out their dreams…

The Ruby Slipper Cancer Foundation for Children was started in honoring our daughter, Brianna Kearney and the many children, who like Brianna, are battling a variety of childhood cancers. As many children growing up, Brianna was always captivated with the story of the Wizard of OZ – it’s wonderful and unique characters, the magic castle, the thrilling journey on the yellow-brick road and of course the power of the Ruby Slippers.

This organization was founded to symbolize this most important journey that Brianna and all children face as they strive to become cancer free. It is their aspiring and heartwarming stories of courage, hope and love that will help all of us better understand their personal struggles as they journey down their own yellow-brick road toward triumph and simply being able to live and enjoy their childhood once again. After all, “there is no place like home” for the kids who battle these diseases and spend so much time in the hospital, but with your help you can improve the lives of many children who will face the challenges that lie ahead!

Thank you for this opportunity to share more information with you about our foundation and fight to end childhood cancer.

  Letter From the Directors :
Dear Friends,

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Ruby Slipper Cancer Foundation for
Children website. Our goal is to inform you of all the excellent work being done
through the foundation. The website is designed to educate and bring awareness
to childhood cancer.

We are proud to be a non-profit volunteer based foundation, with high standards
in all that we do. The value of our foundation is that all contributions go toward
cancer research and improving the lives of children and families diagnosed with
cancer. Our foundation is built upon passion and compassion for these children
and families.

We are surrounded by a dynamic and committed group of like-minded volunteers
who are committed and strive to sustain a better life for these children on their
unexpected journey.

Having spent nearly 3 years supporting our child with cancer, and knowing the vast
emotions one feels when receiving such devastating news, the fear and reality that
has just entered your lives is indescribable. We encourage you to visit our website
and learn about our current and on-going projects and about these children. Their
stories of courage will amaze you. Joining our community of supporters and learning
about childhood cancer may just change a child’s life.

Michael & Kristina Kearney